Reset your Gmail account password using the alternate email address

Have you lost your Gmail password? Unable to reset your Gmail password? Looking for how to reset with Gmail password with alternate email? There are two different ways by which you can reset your Gmail account password. Either you can use your mobile number or using your alternate email address. This particular article describes the process in details by which you can reset your account password using alternate email address.

Step 1: Go to Gmail homepage or sign-in page and click on the ‘Need help?’ link.

Step 2: In the next page click on the radio button option ‘I don’t know my password’ for answering the question‘Having trouble signing in?’. Also enter the email address you want to recover.

Step 3: Now you have to enter the last password you remember and click ‘Continue’ to proceed.

Step 4: On the next where the option for call or text appears click on the button ‘I can’t access my phone’.

Step 5: On the next page you will receive the option for sending a mail in your alternate email address.

Step 6: After that a link would be sent in your alternate email address. Open that account and click on the link which would be there in the mail sent from the Google team.

Step 7: You can now reset your new password for the account in that page.

Note: Be careful and check for the correct alternate email address that is mentioned there in which the reset password link would be sent. 

  • Either more informtaion you can ask from the Gmail Password Reset Phone number At - 1-855-925-7086

  • Want to Change or reset your password follow this link
  • Gmail Password Reset is an easy process if your are unable to do this contact gmail password reset phone number as given above.


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