How to upload and share large documents on Google Drive

Want to upload large amount of data or any folder on google drinve you should follow these steps:

1. First Open this url on your dektop or laptop -

2.Now on on top left corner you will see the read Button "NEW" Click here

3.There are two option select the file and select the folder( for large data) if you want to uppload a mimited amount one by one as per you choice you should choose select fiile option either for large amount of data you should upload folder either drag and drop one or more files from your PC to the central pane of the screen.
4.Wait for uploadiing the file it will take the time depend upon file or folder size and you should always remember Uploads are almost always significantly slower than downloads.

5.You will be asked to confirm your upload settings. Certain file formats, e.g. MS Word, can be converted to the corresponding Google Docs format and made editable online. You have the option to convert or not convert the files you upload. To preserve the original format, uncheck the first box and click on Start upload. Follow the progress on screen.

How To Share The File or Folder with someone

1.Locate the folder in My Drive and right-click on it Share… 
3.and then Share… again

In the Sharing settings, you set the visibility of the folder and its contents. You can share privately with individual users, or set the visibility option in bulk at the folder level.

By default, visibility of folders and files is private: only the people you invite can access. You have to invite collaborators and give them permission to Edit or View:
In the Invite people box, type the email addresses of the users you would like to access the folder and all the files in it.

For any Help you can visit here official page :

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