How To Transform Windows 7 / 8 Into Windows 10

Upgrade/transform windows 7 or 8 into windos 10

Create a Restore Point

In the process of transforming Windows 7 or 8 into Windows 10, some of the important system files will be modified. As a precaution, it is always a good idea to create a system restore point so that you can easily revert back if anything bad happens.

To create a system restore point, press “Win + X” and select the “System” option. If you are using Windows 7, search for it in the Start menu.


Once the System window has been opened, click on the “System Protection” link appearing on the left sidebar.


The above action will open the “System Properties” window. Here, click on the “Create” button appearing at the bottom of the window to create a system restore point.


Transform Windows 7 or 8 Into Windows 10

Transforming Windows 7 or 8 into Windows 10 is easier than you think. To start, download the Windows 10 transformation pack from ThemeMyPC.

The good thing about the software is that it comes with:

  • All the relevant icons, images, fonts, cursors, and sounds
  • Auto repair and update feature
  • Virtual desktops just like in Windows 10 (Sys Internals application)
  • Redesigned Start Menu and a search bar like in Windows 10

Once you’ve downloaded the required file, open it and execute the “Windows 10 Transformation Pack.exe” application.


The above action will start the installation process. The default options that are pre-selected are enough for most users. Just click on the “Install” button to continue the installation.


The installation is straightforward; you don’t have to do anything. Once the installation has been completed, restart your system so that the changes will take effect.


After restarting, the installed program will automatically trigger the Sys Internals Desktops app so that you can have multiple desktops just like in Windows 10. Simply click on the “Agree” button to complete the Desktops installation.


You’ve successfully transformed your Windows machine into Windows 10.


Of course, there is no Cortana and the Start menu may not resemble the real Windows 10 start menu, but the app is free, and the developers are pushing updates regularly.

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