Norton Antivirus Setup - How to Install Norton Security Software

This guide will demonstrate how to install Norton Security quickly and easily:

  1. Download Norton Security 2017
  2. Run the file you just downloaded.
  3. You will get this message, click Yes:
  4. Now the Norton Security installer will show up, and you can start installing it by clicking "Agree & Install"

    Note the little blue x - this means that your computer will be part of Norton "sensor" network, assisting Norton Security to identify new online threats.

  5. So, if Norton installation on your computer is the first one to encounter a malicious element online, it will be sent back to Norton for them to research it, add it to their database, develop a "cure" and update their protection database for all of their users.

    This way you are helping eliminate online threats for the entire user base of Norton, most of whom are doing the same.

    If you do not want to take part in this process, you should simply remove the blue x by clicking it once.

  6. Installing... be patient: do not exit the installer and do not shut down or restart your computer. and you are done now

  7. Sign in with your Norton Account:

  8. At this stage, you have the Norton Security software installed and ready to go, but you still need to make sure your virus database is up to date.

Run Norton Security and download all the protection updates.

  1. Expand the main screen by clicking this green arrow:
  2. Click "Live Update"
  3. Wait while Norton checks, downloads and applies the updates.
  4. Click on Restart
  5. After you have restarted the computer, Norton will show that the the Protection Updates status is "current".

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