Google My Business Customer Service Helpline on toll free number an Important source about its verification,Claim and other issues related

About Google My business short information and available in customer service form as your mentor and also help for your tehcnical error online

                                       google business customer service

Google My Business – is a platform provided by Google for the business promotions, the services are free and allows the business holder to update, monitor and optimize the brand as well the information associated with it , the business holder in other words the owner also has the option to improve the  discoverability of the site through the usage of Ad Words and with the usage of Google Analytics one can get the hold on detailed statistics and now to experience the same and take the advantage of it  one should  know how to create Google my Business.

How to create Google My Business page – one can do the same by following the steps either you may contact on google business customer service professionals

  • Choose an approachable Gmail account for google business – it is important that one should not create an page with the Gmail account which is personal as it is supposed to be used by couple of people it should be one that is with the use of the company’s name.
  • Create a page with the desired account – one has to go on the website and then from the option see create a Google+page and amongst all choose the one which defines your business best one the selection is done you will be asked to fill in the information such as your page name, your business website URL,your category and the classification of your pages .
  • Customize the profile – which means assigning the tagline it should be catchy and should be able to relate to your business
  • Promote the google business– as the basic things are done now the Google+ will ask the initiative to promote your page the best way t go about is staring sharing some updates regularly as it will not give the best result by promoting the blank page.
  • Optimizing the google business– to get the people attractive to the page one has continuously work for the same and in other words for the lead generation, make sure the response is done with in the specific time and the page is updated from time to time.
  • Still if you are facing troubles to create google my business you can consult with google business customer service experts support team who availble online with toll free number 1-888-576-0827

How to I claim My business page – It is very important to claim your page which can be done as follows/ either submit your query on google business customer support team who is alterntives of customer service 

  • First and foremost go on and sign in  as you have already crated the google business page.
  • Now business can be searched by typing in the business name and address in the search box it will show the result in the list as well in the map and one can select the one  which you trying to claim however you are not able to find the same one can click on Add Your Business and choose for the category
  • Now what all needs to be done is verification and it is done by sending the verification code which is mailed and it takes some time one –two weeks and once the code is entered and then you will be able to manage the same
  • Same still if you are not able to do this kindly make a call on google business customer support number you can contact them on same  toll free number mention above

How to you verify a business on Google – one can to do is in couple of ways either again contact at google customer service number who understand your trouble

  • By postcard – for this one has to enter the business address in the Google My Business and they will send the code through postcard which will take approx 12 days to reach
    • Sing in Google My Business
    • Choose the business to  verify and hit verify now
    • On the postcard screen , kindly check the address and it should be correct there one can edit the address as well and to be on the safer side one can even add the Optional contact number
    • Hit on Send postcard
    • Once receive sign in Google My Business
    • If the business is managed from more than one location click manage location
    • Hit on verify location  on google business.
    • Enter the code and click summit

BY phone – it is option for some business operations and once has to ensure that the call is directly answered and click verify by phone from the options and then enter the code received

By email – it is also selectively available in this case click email option and verify the same by using the code received in the email  

If these method does not work google business customer service number provided by techncal team who make sure you have in trouble and resolve and provide short tips to fix out the problems thats why google business customer service have the right desicion maker who feel your problems in google my business

How to contact Google business technical support number

if the individual is facing the concern using the services of google my business one can seek help from the forum as well however in order to get the help through google business technical support phone number go on the web link

  • Hit on Contact us
  • Click on ownership
  • From the available options click on Request a call
  • Select the relation or in other word your designation in  the business
  • Select the GMB management system
  • Click Next
  • Put in the specific details as name , email address and the phone number and hit on call me

One will be able to speak to the google business technical support expert in order to resolve the concern and they are available in the specific time 

So that related to google business account any issues following google business support number might be help you either you can choose google business forums page.

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