How To Change Your Skype Account Password On These Device Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Android

Here this post provides the clear information about how to change Skype password from iPhone, iPad and Mac and android devices

Skype has been facing a bit of trouble with people gaining unauthorized access to others accounts, so its always a good thing to know about how to reset your password from wherever you may be. This article provides this information about how to change your Skype password from iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices. If you are not aware of how to do then simply follow the steps given below.

How to change Skype Password from iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices:
  • If you are signed into the Skype app you will want to sign out from the Settings menu
  • Input your username.
  • Click on the Problems signing in a link.
  • Enter your email address and wait for email to be sent
  • Click a link and reset your password with a stronger password.

Its not at a bad time to think about your password strength, and how you are managing your passwords. There are tons of great services like LastPass, DashLane, 1Password and others that will not only help you keep track of your passwords, but also randomly generate secure passwords for you to use. Whether you have been affected by a compromised Skype account or not, you may want to take a minute to sign out of your account and pick a stronger password.

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