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Don’t Be Perplexed and Call Apple store Customer Service Number to Fix your Quandaries !

We all are a clear witness to the Apple’s success which is never ending. Innovation of iPhone is undoubtedly the best thing which has taken place in this technological world and this is the reason why Apple has a renowned place in the world of technology. Not just iPhone, but all the products and services of Apple are just brilliant and provides a solid reason to admire Apple. Although there are countless admirers of Apple due the exquisite features of its products such as Macbooks and other products, yet we can’t say that Apple products are just error free. Just like any other product, these products need an impairment on a regular basis. However the Apple users have a solid reason for not being depressed over these problems as they can go for Apple store customer service number whenever any error comes up. Nevertheless some users just don’t like to get help regarding their issues.

Is any Apple store near me?

Well, you don’t need to say “ Is any Apple store near me?”to solve these queries as they can be easily solved by a right procedure. If you are the one who has just forgotten your Apple password and want to fix these issue, then the following instructions will be greatly helpful for you:-

  • first visit

  • Now enter the Apple ID

  • After that you need to enter the CAPTCHA characters

  • If you are not aware of the Apple ID, then you need to fill your first name, last name as well as your email id

  • Now click on the option Continue

  • Next you are supposed to fill the phone number which is related with your Apple ID

  • After that click Continue

  • Now select the ways to reset your password by choosing the option “ Reset from another device “ or “ Use trusted phone number “

  • After you have done this, now you need to hit Continue

  • Now if you have chosen Reset from another device option, then choose Allow

  • If you have selected the option Use a trusted phone number, then you need to click on Start Account Recovery and then you have to click on Continue and then fill the verification code which is sent to your number.third party apple tech support

  • Now hit Continue

  • After you have done this, you need to confirm the information of your account

  • Next click Continue

  • Now Reset your password

  • Now type the new password in the required field and then you have to re-enter it too

  • Finally choose Next or Continue

Apple Store technical support

If you are satisfied with the above information and think that you can easily fix your issue with this information, then just go ahead. But if you are unable to follow the information due to the technical jargon, then calling an Apple Store technical support number will be much feasible for you.

Hence Just don’t get tensed when you are surrounded with any kind of issue while using it and call our customer service professionals right-away to get satisfactory solutions regarding these glitches.

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