How to change date of birth on United Airlines?

Stockpile copious details to change date of birth on United Airlines

Traveling is an ambiguous event. So, the error of conducting a journey is quite evident. The situations such as this could be tackled by choosing air transport as a travel companion, and United Airlines fits this category appropriately. Thence, the journey planned over here could be compelling and amusing. Further, it can be said that this is because of its provisions and the immense quantity of services it provides. If you have entered your "date of birth" wrongly, then you can secure an opportunity to implement those changes. Thus, the doubts such as how to change the date of birth on united airline could be rest at ease by referring to the subheading. 

How to change the date of birth on United Airlines?

On United Airlines, you may find dissimilar options for conducting a date of birth change. Further, reading the bottom subjects may acquire an idea about commencing or executing such variables according to the modes.

Connect with United Airlines on a call

An easy and quick application of the date of change in United Airlines could be made by speaking with their customer service on a call. There, you can convincingly state your reason for change, and by sharing the asked information, your request could be made. For that, you can dial United Airlines phone number 1 (800) 864 8331, and then choose the "date of birth change" option from the telephone menu. 

Carry out date of birth change over online modes

A call sometimes gets difficult to connect and also puts in extra changes for a change. In this case, you can carry out the task over the online modes and implement the process selflessly. Thus, the step step guide for this has been listed in the following points:-

  • Reach to the official site of United Airlines
  • Further, select "my trip" options from the home tab
  • After that, enter the booking reference number with the passenger's surname
  • Then, click on the modify icon and choose "date of birth" options 
  • Now, enter the edit icon and match your birth date as per the government's identity card.
  • Later, pay the cost and receive an updated fare in the registered emails.

Get to the airline counter

A late cognizance of an incorrect date of birth could be rectified by reaching the airline counters available at the airport. But an assurance of changing a birth date in this period could not be guaranteed, and if you get the same, then it could be costlier. Here, you can make face-to-face contact, which could avoid uncertainty and allow you to receive the boarding after the updates. 

What is United Airlines date of birth change policy?

Traveling on United Airlines could commence with the verification of the document. So, if your date of birth is alike to the ticket purchase and identity card, then you can modify it. Further, those have to be subjected to the date of birth change policy, and its content can be secured from the bottom points:-

  • The flight operated by United Airlines could only be able to change the date from the website, call, or ticket counters.
  • A change in date of birth could be done only once. Further, it could be free if you could carry out th task within 24 hours of departure, and that's more than seven days.
  • When you could make changes in the birth date, then you might not modify the characters in the name or vice versa. 
  • If a request is made out of the grace period, then carrying out such activity could be costlier. 
  • A flight booked by the travel agent could be held responsible for changing a date of birth. The airline could not take cognizance of such matters.

How much does changing the date of birth on United Airlines cost?

United Airlines can sanction changes in date of birth but those are subjected to a penalty amount. However, there are certain provisions or situations in which you can carry out the process free of cost. However, if you could pay date of birth change fees, that can be around $300.  

Does the date of birth matter on the United Airlines ticket?

Yes, the date matters a lot on United Airlines tickets. Further, your birth date is important information that is used to recognize travelers and avoid any of future incidents. So, when you make an error when buying the flight tickets, you can modify the change within the said period. If time crosses, then your booking will be canceled. 

Final word

So, one of the most complicated or entangled issues of how to change the date of birth on united airline has been resolved. So, apply the information as per your requirements and get rid of that conveniently. If there is something left to cover, then you can contact the United customer service team. 

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