Google Account Password Recovery Steps In a Short Way Easy to Understand

Google provides lot many online services like GMail, Google Documents, Image Search, Google News, Google Maps and others. A user creates a Google Account which gives a username and password, and the same credentials are used to access all Google services. Since, a single credential is used to access all the services, it is very important to keep the password safe and secure. It is also vital to recover Google Account password if lost or forgotten. In order to recover your Google Account password, follow the following steps. Google Account Password Recovery Process With Brief Steps Before executing the password recovery process, you should have already specified any of the following preferences in your Google Account: 1. Recovery email is entered 2. Security question is set 3. Your mobile number is entered Step 1 Visit Google Account and click Can not access your account? option which is available within the login box OR straightway go to Account Recovery. Step 2 It asks for your username – which is your email address or Gmail use Read More »

How to Restore Contacts from iCloud to iPhone Without Data Loss

It should be noted that doing this will replace the contacts currently on your iPhone, as opposed to just adding the ones that are missing. If you added new contacts prior to this process, they will be lost. Thankfully, your current contacts list will be archived before the restore is applied, so you can retrieve them by following these same steps. To do so, follow the first three steps of this article, but instead of choosing an archive from a previous date, pick the archive made the same day you performed your restoration. You can also do this if you accidentally restore your contacts using the wrong archive. Here is how to restore contacts on an iPhone from iCloud Contacts are an important part of your iPhone, especially if you are constantly making calls, sending emails, or texting friends and family. You may have one long contact list or one that has been meticulously organized and sorted to make navigation easier. Contacts are so integral to staying in touch with others that it is hard to imagine not having that convenient, easy-to-reach list of everyone you will eve Read More »

How to Backup & Restore Google Chrome Bookmarks

Importing and exporting your bookmarks from Google chrome is a necessary operation if you want to manually transfer your bookmarks in your alternate personal computer or if your profile was corrupted. Keep in mind that if you already register for a Google account and you use Chrome as your Internet browser you can use the Chrome's sign-in feature to synchronize your bookmarks, extensions, apps, theme, and other browser preferences with your Google account. Using this feature, your settings are always available from every computer or device when you Sign-In. There are two easy ways to backup and restore your bookmarks in Google Chrome: Method 1: Backup & Restore Chrome Bookmarks file. Method 2: Export & Import Chrome bookmarks to (from) a HTML file. How to Backup Google Chrome Bookmarks Method 1: Backup Chrome "Bookmarks" file. Google Chrome stores all your profile information (bookmarks, passwords, extensions, settings) under this location* by default: * Notice: You must enable the hidden files view to be able to vie Read More »