Sirius Implications for Future Warehouse-Scale Computers

Sirius Implications for Future Warehouse-Scale Computers   Johann Hauswald, University of Michigan Michael A. Laurenzano, University of Michigan Yunqi Zhang, University of Michigan Cheng Li, University of Michigan Austin Rovinski, University of Michigan Arjun Khurana, University of Michigan Ronald G. Dreslinski, University of Michigan Trevor Mudge, University of Michigan Vinicius Petrucci, Federal University of Bahia Lingjia Tang, University of Michigan Jason Mars, University of Michigan Demand is expected to grow for cloud services that deliver sophisticated artificial intelligence on the critical path of user queries, as is the case with Apple's Siri. READ FULL ARTICLE Article Source : Read More »

Diversify to Survive: Apple on the Defensive

Diversify to Survive: Apple on the Defensive ( 01-Aug-2016) by James Hayward While Apple’s profits have hit record levels recently, the writing has been on the wall as the competition from Asia in particular begins to produce much improved products at lower prices.  With Apple’s quarterly profits and revenues down, the change in strategy at their primary market matures is becoming less subtle. They need to find the next iPhone, meaning the next big thing. They won’t mind whether it’s a car, a medical device, a wearable, a service, or one of those Jobsian products that we don’t know that we want yet. They will get there, but expect a bumpy ride along the way. You don’t break the quarterly record for profit from a single company by blowing it all on R&D, but with the purse so big, the strings are now being loosened. Apple’s R&D spending hit 6% of revenue in Q2 2016, equating to a forecasted annual spend of around $14bn in 2016. By the end of the year, this will correspond to an order of magnitude increase in R&D budget Read More »

Mozilla Firefox Customer Service With Quick Response

Mozilla Firefox Customer Service Number : Enjoy the amazing features of Google Chrome Firefox is a web browser that is lesser and faster. In comparison to Internet explorer the most popular Web, Firefox gives users quicker download speeds. Firefox contains most of the features of with which users of other browsers are familiar. Firefox is available for Linux, Mac, Windows, handheld devices, and in more than 70 different languages.  It is free to use and can be downloaded from the official website conveniently and it is used by the majority of people across the world. Issues faced in Mozilla Firefox. Problems with the installation of Mozilla Firefox. Issues with Mozilla Firefox setup. Problem with Mozilla Firefox is updating. Getting an error message while change the Mozilla Firefox setting. Problems with the virus, spyware, threat and removal of malware. Crashing of Mozilla Firefox. Troubleshooting For crashing of Mozilla Firefox use the following steps. Update Firefox- Select the menu button, click help and choose about Fi Read More »