How To Change Gmail Security Mobile Phone Number

Setps to Add Recovery mobile phone number 1.First Sign in to My Account. 2. go to the  "Personal info & privacy" section, select Your personal info. 3.Select Phone.     From here you can:       a. Add a recovery phone: Under "Recovery phone," select Add recovery phone.        b.Change your recovery phone: Next to your phone number, select Edit Edit. In the box that appears, choose Update number. 4.Enter your phone number and follow the onscreen instructions. Add or change a recovery email 1.Sign in to My Account. 2.At the "Personal info & privacy" section, select Your personal info. 3.Select Email. 4.From here you can:            a.Add a recovery email: Next to "Recovery email," select Add recovery email.            b.Change your recovery email: Next to "Recovery email," select your email address. 5.Enter your recovery email address. 6.Select Done. Ref From : Read More »

Phone Support and Customer Service for Windows 7 Operating System

Troubled Due to Intricate Windows 7 Issues ? Don’t Worry and Call Windows 7 Customer Service Number Right-away !! Want to get your office tasks done in a more comfortable manner? If yes then Windows 7 operating system would be the most appropriate operating system for you. Counted amongst the most useful applications, Windows 7 is the perfect choice for everyone. Compatible with old and new applications, Windows 7 customer service number always help the users to enjoy their computer usage beyond imagination. Although every feature of this operating system is appealing and worth using, yet many users are impeded to use their operating system in a proper manner by the frequent issues cropping in it. However most of the users can’t wait and call for a Windows 7 technical support technician to fix these issues. A Windows 7 technical support engineer can provide helpful customer service and better ways to curb any issue which is providing unlimited tension to you. Let’s take a look at some blockades which can snatch your sleep due to their complex na Read More »

iPhone Tech Support:- Customer Ask Anything about Hassles Free Service

Note : 1-855-925-7086 This is for your information just for any query related to iphone support Contact On this Phone Number About iPhone & its Features:- iPhone is a smartphones device that designed and marketed by Apple Inc. The device run on the Apple's iOS mobile operating system. The first generation iPhone was released on 29 June in the year 2007, and then till now, there are various models are available in the market, inludes iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and others. Therefore, all the iPad devices, the user interface in the multi-touch screen form, and can connect to the cellular networks. Some of the iPhone features provide the users are, helps to shoot video, take photos, play music, Wi-Fi connection, browse the web, send & receive email, get and send text messages, GPS navigation, accomplish mathematical calculations, testimony notes, and get visual voicemail, etc. However, those users wish to use advanced technologies devices, then iPhone is the best device to use, that works fine. Along with the latest technologies devices, users may come across while usi Read More »