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Easiest Way To Fix Issues When Google Chrome Not Responding Issues


Following are the tricks to optmizie or fix google chrome issues if it is not responding:

Solution 1: Browser Optimization

1.on top right corner open the menu
2.Open More Tools > Clear Browsing Data” or use the short cut “Ctrl+Shift+Del”
3.On next windows leaving the options, passwords and content licenses, check all other boxes as shown below.
4.Now Click clear browsing data and anagin start google chrome

Solution 2. Cookie Clean Up

1.Open menu
2.Go To “Settings->show advanced settings“
3. Expand the “Privacy Section” and Click “Content settings”
4. Now Change the settings as per your preferences and click on “All       cookies and site data“.

Solution3: Close the non responsive window

1. To Do for this pen chrome’s task manager.(or press “Shift+Esc” Key)
2. You will see next windows where all the running processes and extensions.
3. Choose the frozen tab or tabs and hit end process.

Solution 4: Bad Proxies Might Be The Culprit

1.Open menu
2.Navigate to settings->advanced settings.
3.Now Click “change proxy settings” under the label Network
4.On next window click “connections” Tab and click “LAN Settings”.
5.Ensure the check box named “Automatically detect settings”, is checked.

Solution 5: Disable the Extensions

1.Open Menu
2.Click Tools->Extensions.
and disable that extension which you want to disable

Solution 6: Turn Off The Sandbox Mode

1. Sandbox made the best security feature  that can make your chrome go not responding. now Try disabling this feature and check whether the problem persist or not.
2. Now Do Right click on the Google chrome short cut (In Desktop).
3. choose “Properties” and navigate to the tab “Shorcut”.
4.Append the string “-no-sandbox-” at the end of target field and then Click ok.

Solution 7: Run A Virus Check 

Many virus and malware can be harm your system and system software including hardware so please Scan your system with up-to-date antivirus program and keep your system clean.

Solution 8 :Fix Your Flash

1.Enter the term “Chrome://plugins” in the chrome address bar without the quotes.
2.Now on the displayed plug-ins list, spot the plug-in “Adobe Flash Player”.
3.If adobe flash player is enabled, click disable (uncheck) 

Solution 9: Clean Up The Local Storage

1.“control panel-> Folder options”
2.Expand the tab named “View”
3.Under Hidden Files and folders, choose the option “Show hidden files, folders, and drives”.
4.Now open the Folder named “Local Storage” by navigating through the path “C:\Users\Your Username\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Local Storage\”
5.Data stored here are all unusable. Select all and delete.

Solution 10: Reset the chrome

1.Open Menu
2.Go to settings->advanced settings
3.Scroll down to the bottom of the window and find out the button “Reset browser settings”. It will restore your chrome to the initial stage
4.Now Sign in to Google chrome with your Google account.
5.Check the browser and see whether the issue Google chrome not working persist.

All these solution just for your information and taken from here